We stock a selection of products from dried foods, tea and beer, to beauty, baby and home essentials. All of our products are sourced as locally as possible, are plastic-free and have minimal to no packaging—reducing our impact on the planet.


Nuts, seeds & dried fruit

From almonds to coconut, we have a wide variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruit sold from our bins and dispensers.



We stock a small variety of eco-friendly beauty products, from soaps to sanitary items.



Beeswax wraps to reusable cups, we’ve got an array of products to keep your home plastic-free.


Tea & coffee

We have a wide selection of loose leaf tea—including echinacea, dandelion, rosehip and nettle. Coffee beans are coming soon—we’ll keep you posted.



Whether you enjoy a warm porridge in a morning or a milky bowl of granola, we have a tasty range of cereals—or if you’re feeling creative, why not make your own muesli.


Wine & beer

Launching in February, we will be dispensing red and white wine, as well as a craft beer. We’ll also be stocking a small range of vegan and organic beers—produced with the palette and planet in mind.



We’ve got flours, cocoa powder and parchment papers—all you need for channelling your inner Mary Berry.


Rice, grains, pulses & pasta

Risotto rice, quinoa, chickpeas and many more—we’ve got a wide range of rice, grains and pulses for your food cupboards.


Herbs & spices

From the subtle flavours of bay leave, to spicy tandoori blends, we have lots of flavours to enhance your dishes.


Filter coffee

Like a caffeine kick to get you through the day? We have fair trade filter coffee (and decaf) available all day long for just £1—all we ask is that you bring your own reusable cups.


Sweet treats

For those with a sweet tooth, we have our traditional sweet shop, located at the front of the store. All our sweets are vegetarian and delicious!


Kids & baby

Not forgetting your little gems—we’ve a selection of products for babies and kids that range from nappies to toothbrushes and healthy lunchbox snacks. We’ve created a family friendly environment, with mini trolleys, so your little ones can really be a part of the shopping experience.