Waste-free shopping is simple and fun. We want you to be creative, try new things and enjoy shopping in a way that’s a little kinder to our planet. Here’s how it works…


1. Bring

Jars, bottles, tupperware, tins—bring anything that can securely hold the food you want to buy. If you don’t have any containers at home, or you forget to bring some, we have a selection of jars to purchase in store.


2. Weigh & fill

This is the fun bit! Once you’ve weighed your container, then scoop food from our bins or fill from our dispensers. Don’t feel like you have to pack your containers to the top—just take what you need.


3. Weigh & pay

Now that you’ve chosen all your food, weigh your container again to determine the price, and simply pay at the till.


4. Re-use

Once you’ve used up your food at home, bring back your container and let’s go again!