Liquids & soaps

Ecoleaf grapefruit hand soap £3.69/500ml
Ecoleaf grapefruit hand soap refill £2.00/500ml
Ecoleaf laundry liquid £5.99/1.5litre
Ecoleaf laundry liquid refill £4.00/1.5litre
Ecoleaf fabric conditioner £3.99/1.5 litre
Ecoleaf fabric conditioner refill £2.69/1.5litre
Ecoleaf multi surface cleaner £2.29/500ml
Ecoleaf multi surface cleaner refill £1.49/500ml
Ecoleaf dishwasher tablets £4.99
Ecoleaf washing up liquid £2.49/litre
Ecoleaf washing up liquid refill £2.00/litre
Ecoleaf toilet cleaner £1.99/500ml
Ecoleaf toilet cleaner refill £1.79/500ml

Other household

Beeswax wraps kitchen pack £21.99
Beeswax cheese pack £18.49 Beeswax Wraps Bread Wrap £14.99
Black paper straws £3.59
Striped paper straws £3.59
If You Care parchment paper £3.99
If You Care Firelighters £2.09
Tradicraft rubber gloves £1.49
If You Care Aluminium foil £2.99
Ecoleaf 3ply kitchen towel £1.69
Ecoforce multi-purpose cloths £1.25
Ecoleaf 3 pack non scratch scourer £1.25
Ecoforce recycled dish brush
Ecoforce recycled dish brush replacement heads
D2w biodegradeable pedle bin liners £1.69
If You Care sandwich bags £3.99
Ecoleaf 4 pack toilet roll £2.15
If You Care Firelighters £2.09
If You Care Sponge Cloths £3.99
D2W Swing Bin Liners £1.75 Filbert’s of Dorset Beeswax Polish £8.00 Filbert’s of Dorset Boot Polish £8.00 Filbert’s of Dorset Wood Care £8.00


Turtle bags £5
The Good Life tote bags £5
The Good Life aprons £14.95

Pet food

Benevo large vegan dog chew £2.69
Benevo purple knots £2.99 Benevo Root Chews £2.19 Bella’s Bones Homemade Dog Treats £3.00