The Good Life is an independent waste-free mini market created by Shelley Brown—with a mission to provide a positive place in the centre of the Heatons community that allows customers to easily shop in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

“Like many I have become increasingly frustrated with packaging and how hard it is to avoid it. I do my best to recycle everything I can, but is it being recycled? I don't know and I am not a person who believes ignorance is bliss. I have always been a lover of our planet, of animals and I have a belief that we all have a duty to do our bit.

During my 25 years in the North I have worked almost exclusively in hospitality. I have helped run some fabulous places, worked for many inspiring people and made great friends along the way. It's a tough industry where you put your customer first and you learn that attention to detail is everything. It has given me the confidence and knowledge to do something great for myself, my daughter and my community. I love living in the Heatons. Strangers have shook me by the hand and left notes through my door! What a wonderful, supportive place to live.

For those that know me better they'll also know that The Good Life is for my Sister, Karen Dance. When you lose your soulmate, do something that will make them proud and they will always be with you.”

Shelley Brown.


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